HCX Network Extension with LACP – quick update

LACP on ESXi is fairly common with some vendors that do their own networking between the Top of Rack switches and the hosts, such as Cisco UCS and HPE Synergy. This has been problematic as extending networks with this configuration has typically been unsupported.

Up until recently, the HCX documentation has called out the following with regards to unsupported source configurations for Network Extension.:

Unsupported Source Configurations 

HCX Network Extension does not support the following source configurations:

  • vSphere Standard Switch (VSS) networks.
  • Cisco Nexus 1000v or other third-party switches.
  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with VMware Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM).
  • vSphere Distributed Switches configured with LACP

I’ve highlighted the pertinent line above. The restriction here is historical and related to HCX Cloud Managers with NSX-V at the destination, due to NE having to use a Trunk PG for the extended networks, however with NSX-T at the destination HCX no longer uses a trunk DVPG.

NSX-V at the cloud has been deprecated for some time, and as such, the documentation has been updated to reflect this. Essentially, if your cloud is running NSX-T (which all should be now), then you are able to extend networks where LACP is configured.

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