Migrating your on-prem datacenter to VMC on AWS

In this series of blog posts I will explain how you can migrate your on-prem datacenter to VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS. Although I will mainly cover migration, the same premise can be used for extending your workloads and using the cloud to simply scale up as required or permanently running a hybrid linked mode setup.

VMC on AWS is a fully managed vSphere environment in collaboration with Amazon Web Services. Many customers are using VMC on AWS to migrate or extend their primary datacenter.

The series will include a number of parts details below (with some placeholders).

Hopefully using this series of posts you will understand a little more about the process and set it up in your environment.

Disclaimer: VMC on AWS is a chargeable service, please do not go ahead and deploy this if you think it’s a free lab environment! Furthermore, this is not an official VMware guide, so use this at your own risk. Always consult with VMware and AWS about the best options available to you.