NSX for vSphere 6.4.5 released

VMware have released the new version of NSX (6.4.5) on the 18th of April. Full release notes can be read here. One of the frustrating things working with NSX is the requirement to use the old Flex interface to carry out certain functions such as configuring routing on Edge devices. Thankfully 6.4.5 moves one step closer of having a all features exposed in the vSphere client.

More details can be found in the release notes, but the following table depicts unavailable features using the HTML 5 based vSphere client:

The list is ever decreasing, so I think it would be safe to assume that by the time 6.4.6 or perhaps 6.4.7 lands us NSX admins will be able to do all tasks within the new interface.

So what else is new then? There is a new Layer AppID WS_MAN which will reduce some overhead on admins when configuring micro segmentation. The ESGs now support two uplinks with multi-cast enabled for higher availability. From a security perspective we now have a new Role Based Access Control (RBAC) role which focuses on user management and role assignment tasks (Security and Role Administrator). Finally Audit Logging adds support for including what within the environment had changed when logs are sent through syslog.

Overall a nice and welcomed upgrade!

I decided to upgrade my home lab following the recommended process, which is to upload the upgrade bundle to the managers followed by upgrading the various components in turn. It took me around an hour for everything to complete.

Now time for a poke around at the new features!